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LLC Broker

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We offer you the opportunity to be part our sponsorship program and start your Real Estate Business in Texas.

During the past many years, we have conducted hundreds of home transactions and helped many customers buy and sell properties of their dreams. In the journey, we have trained and managed many agents onto a booming real estate journey.

Regular income stream with hundreds of buyers and sellers searching for property that comes with value-driven price, property model with ideal locations. Post Covid, as the business models and working styles get disrupted, more and more employees in other states are looking to move to Texas to buy larger homes to be able to work comfortably from home.

If you are an experienced real estate agent, or someone new, LLC Broker is here to help you take it to next level.

LLC Sponsorship - Build your Real Estate Business Brand

What if you want to build your own real estate brokerage but do not have the license? Getting a brokerage license can be expensive to get and retain.

Our company can offer you a LLC Sponsorship to enable you to setup your own brokerage. Through our sponsorship your LLC will receive a broker entity license.

This will enable you to do your own listings, hire and growth your own team, manage your commission split etc. You can develop your own brand and promote your marketing campaigns to grow your business and establish yourselves.


  • Brokerage entity license
  • Coaching and mentoring to grow the business
  • Low, fixed monthly fee
  • Best in class Technology Platform for end to end workflow
  • Access to marketing leads
  • Hassle-free commission receipts and disbursements
  • Leverage established partnerships (digital marketing, photography, print, staging, inspection etc.)


  • Build and scale business at your own pace
  • Serve as primary or secondary income
  • Own 100% unsplit Commission
  • Find easy buy/sell prospects
  • Potential scope for high profitability
  • Leverage or build your network
  • Benefit by Referral marketing

LLC Broker

How Does it Work

Our company LLC Broker is a license Broker in Texas since 10+ years. As part of the LLC sponsorship, we will act as the designated broker for the LLC that you will setup (or already have). You will be responsible for building and promoting your brand through contacting your network and various digital or print marketing campaigns. You own 100% of the commissions and can decide on how to split the commissions with your agents.

Your responsibilities

  • Brand building and marketing
  • Generate leads / referrals
  • End-end buy / sell process
  • Documentation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Maintain / renew agent license
  • Maintain insurance requirements
  • Hire and train agents for your team
  • Comply with Texas real estate laws
  • Should be part of REALTOR association and follow its Code and Standards
  • E&O insurance
  • Taxes

Our responsibilities

  • Act as your designated broker and ensure compliance to the Texas real estate laws (under TREC)
  • Access to best-in-Class brokerage platform at minimal monthly cost that you can use
  • CRM and promotional marketing tools, platform that you can use
  • 24x7 support for any queries (from your agents)

Why chose for your brokerage license?

  • Simple single fee structure and lowest in the market
  • Leverage 10+ of experience as Broker and handling hundreds of real estate transactions
  • Best practices in listing, buy and sell process, marketing and branding
  • Access to best in class technology platform
  • A customer support team dedicated to make you successful

Our team is here to help guide you through the process of setting up your own LLC. Through our years of experience, we have gathered best practices in marketing your services, real estate buyer and seller checklist.


Recurring: $100 per month per agent

No other transaction fee, no commission split.

If you are not interested in starting your own LLC but want to still build career in real estate, you can come and join us as agent directly with our company.

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