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Next generation Technology Platform

We have partnered with a leading real estate back office integration and transaction platform that automates and makes end to end process seamless while ensuring full compliance. The easy to use platform eliminates paper and takes away the burden of tracking and managing all the process steps. This way, you can focus on your clients and growing business than worry about the backend processes. In addition to end to end transaction life cycle management, the platform offers additional features of CRM, Knowledge management and agent collaboration.

Hassle free commissions

Its very simple. You keep 100% of the commissions you earn. No pain of splitting it with your broker. Furthermore, if you have a team, you can decide how to split the commission amongst them. We only charge a very low flat fee per month for usage of our brokerage license, platform and leveraging our experience, tools and best practices.

Mentoring & Advice

Having done hundreds of transactions and worked with many agents to help them grow, we know what it takes to be successful in this business. We will coach you on managing your clients, marketing your services, leveraging / using the platform, growing teams and eventually running a highly successful and scalable real estate agency. We provide you market insights, and also give you access to other agents in our network to get sense of community feel, and to learn from each other. We are also building a 24x7 support for urgent platform or other technical / process issues you stumble upon.

Recommended / Preferred partners

As you know, every transaction involves using other partners. We have a robust network of preferred vendors for Photography, Printing, Staging, Inspection etc. that you can tap into reliably.

Marketing your services

Tapping into your immediate network and their network is the easiest way to get started and grow. But beyond that, you need to market your services properly to build the next set of potential clients. We help you with tools and best practices to grow your brand primarily leveraging the online digital & social media through effective campaigning based on target audience. We have partnered with a marketing efficiency company that can provide the back-end support for you to promote online.

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